February 3, 2016


I learned today about the existence of a man whose entire existence makes me shudder. Anyone who stands for the objectification and repression of the female population has no business living in this generation. GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!

On a more positive-ish note,

Today, though it was a mess academic wise, resulted in (mostly) positive outcomes. That impossible test in math was crushed! (on the second try… but no one has to know that) I successfully turned in all of the homework I had been assigned (which was a lot) and managed to stay sane for the whole day on only 5 hours of sleep and minimal food.        GO ME!

And finally,

My romantic life is still equivalent to the amount of leaves on the trees right now, HOWEVER, there is a certain person who I have been trying to get to know better….The chance that anything will happen is EXTREMELY minimal, but who knows…eventually one of my dreams has to come true.